Will you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?


Starting with simple question, what is your age?

How much do you Exercise? Or go to Gym?

Do you have any addiction? (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me)

What kind of skills do you have?

What kind of house do you live?

If you have a single bread left, and your brother is looking at it. Will you share it with him?

If you see a Zombie coming towards you, what will be your reaction?

If you see a Zombie, and discover that it’s your dad. He is infected and no cure. What will be your reaction? (Just an assumption)

Do you like to work as group?

Worst situation, you are bitten now. What will you do

Zombie Apocalypse

zombie yes

I am really glad to tell you that you will survive! Yep, Zombies are furious but not as smart as you. You have all the strategies, planning, skills and mindset that is needed in a Apocalypse. They can’t catch you with their ugly feet.

No! You wont survive 5 hours in a Apocalypse. You are lacking in some vital aspects that are necessary for the survival. But fear not! Take this quiz again and again until you get a positive result, and observe the changes you might need in your real life and focus on them. Hey! After 2020, who knows what could really happen huh?