This Quiz will reveal your Favorite Season


If you were asked to go fishing, what will be your reaction?

What kind of temperature do you like?

If you have to choose one, what will it be?

On a scale from 1 to 10, how you like to sleep?

Do you like painting and listening to the music?

What would you prefer?

What about the beach?

What kind of breakfast do you like most?

Pick any one:

Do you like pool?

Favorite Season
Summer, it’s definitely Summer!

As you like to taking baths, swimming, relaxing in pool and trips! And you know what? You are the lucky one, as this is the longest one.
You like Winter!

Why? Well, you like to sleep late and wake up late. And as psychology suggests, weather effects your behavior and you definitely are cool.
Spring is your season!

How? Because you like the beauty of it, comfortable dressings and light wears. This is your month of the life!
You like Autumn!

Because of the shades of the colors, peaceful time. And to be honest, it suits you, as it shows the color of your soul.

Ever wondered that your favorite activities can suggest about your favorite season? Find out which is your favorite season by telling us about your favorite activities.